Strengthen and Rebuild your Hair! 


      This amazing formula reconnects the broken disulfide sulfur bonds in your hair. Olaplex leaves your hair feeling healthier and softer then ever before. This is perfect for those whose hair is over processed and too damaged for any color applications, and even those who have your average everyday breakage, whether its from a flat iron, blow-dryer, curling iron, etc. Lets be honest, all of us could use a deep conditioning treatment!

      This Service is a 3 step process, No.1 Our stylist will add the "Bond Multiplier" to your color mixture, No. 2 we will apply the "Bond Perfector" before we shampoo, and No. 3 will be a take home bottle for you to use at home.


Olaplex as a Reconstructing Treatment starts at $42


*Prices vary depending on the length and integrity of your hair



We highly recommend you purchase the 3.3 fl oz bottle of No.3 to take home and apply it to your hair once a week ($30). This will maintain the strength and continue rebuilding the broken bonds in your hair.


       Call us if you have any other questions regarding the treatments, we would love to educate you on this incredible product. Make an appointment to renew the look and feel of your hair, you wont regret it!


Olaplex has added to their take home product line!

We carry ALL of Olaplex's products in our salon. If you are looking to reach all of your hair goals & have that dreamy, healthy hair everyone wants, invest in yourself & get the Olaplex system!